• Meet The Girthers

    I have a friend who is not at all political. But he was cheering on Candidate Trump, because he said that with a President Trump, at least we'd have laughter. Laughter because of how the Left would completely lose their collective minds simply because they have decided that Trump is the Devil. This, from the people who largely like the actual Devil.

    The potpourri of attacks has ranged from colluding with the Russians, having a prostitute pee on a bed for sexual pleasure, siding with Fascists and bigots, taking away healthcare, and on and on. I am convinced they have an actual written list that they are checking off as the silly circus rolls through town.

    Best so far are the demands that Trump be examined and then removed from office because he is physically and mentally unfit to serve. So what does President Trump do? Why, he has an exam. Well several, actually. Including a cognitive exam, which he passed with flying colors. Of course that does not convince liberals. If they say he is mentally ill, then he must be. Liberals are never wrong. No - really. *laughter ensues*

    Nothing sticks to this President. Every single attack is provably wrong. Except one. His girth. The outrage. *more laughter*

    Now if I am President Trump, I am going to use this for even more hilarity. I would secretly diet and exercise like a fiend. Flatten out those abs. But just don't let the public know what you are doing. Let the Left continue on this bandwagon where they are trying to convince the public that their POTUS has heart disease and will keel over at any minute ( TV doctors say it is going to happen, so ... *more laughter*) Just get this done over the winter and on into the Spring. Wear enough layers so nobody knows you're whipping the bod into shape.

    In the Spring, have the big reveal. Then watch as the fools in the media promote a fake news story about you having secret liposuction. *roaring with laughter*

    Liberals had no problem with Falling Down Hillary. Now they are looking to Giant Oprah as a savior (talk about girth). President Trump has a very unique opportunity here. Set up the haters in the media. Do it by quietly taking off some lbs and toning up. Then, watch them lash out in anger, rage, and more conspiracy theories. It will be hilarious.
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