• President Trump's UN Speech

    As someone who was quite the skeptic, I must say that I am impressed with our president. Pro America. Strong. Optimistic, and yet living in reality of the dangers around us. I applaud President Trump for his courage and convictions. Few would ever dare to deliver such a speech in front of the anti-America audience of the UN.

    Now for some criticism. What we have seen from not only the Liberal / Socialist/ Communist / Expected America haters (BLM and their ilk), but also from the high and mighty Never Trumper's, and foolish LaLa Land Libertarians, disgusts me to no end. The filth mouthed lowbrows who are screaming and writhing with emotional pain because President Trump is actually performing well. Well la-tee-da. Poor little urchins who just cannot accept having been wrong about this man's leadership. And again, I write this as someone who was a staunch skeptic.

    This is why I write about narcissism. They think President Trump is the ultimate narcissist. And yet they refuse to examine their own emotional disorder. President Trump is evolving and stepping into the light. And these others I have named are retiring to the darkness of their hatred and vileness of their willful dark hearts, over not getting their way. Pathetic.

    President Trump delivered a very good speech here. I like that he has been winning me over. Nibbling on the sole of my shoe really hasn't been all that bad. Could use a little hot sauce. Maybe Hillary has some in her purse that she could share.
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