• Was The 'Right' Right?

    I can well remember back in the day when the good ship TAR was rocking with left and right rolls. It was never more fun than when we conservative types were being openly mocked and laughed at by our site liberals, over our allegations of progressive fundies aiming to forever change our nation. Even after the Obamessiah said it was his goal - his gospel, it was we who were the paranoid, the wrong-headed, misfits, and the goofballs out there.

    As I predicted back in September of 2009, the tides were going to change. The progressive fundamentalists were going to push too far, and Joe America was going to get so nice and pissed off that he was going lift his fist in anger and not only say no, but hell no! And that is what happened.

    Recently, Charles Blow of the New York Times, penned a piece explaining what Hillary is trying to explain in her new book. What happened? How on God's green earth did we end up with a President Trump? *side note http://www.theamericanright.com/foru...49-Booing-God* . Well, Chuck Blow (perfect name) vomits out his theory . Trump is a whiner. He is the leader of whiners. The leader of those who need an outlet for whining. No, really.

    Right. Trump is its instrument, articulation, embodiment. He’s not so much representative of it but of an idea — the waning power of whiteness, privilege, patriarchy, access, and the cultural and economic surety that accrues to the possessors of such. Trump represents their emerging status of victims-in-their-own-minds.The way they see it, they are victims of coastal and urban liberals and the elite institutions — economic, education and entertainment — clustered there. They are victims of an economy evolving in ways, both technical and geographic, that cuts them out or leaves them behind. They are victims of immigration and shifting American demographics. They are victims of shifting, cultural mores. They are victims of Washington.

    They don't get it. They truly do not know why they lost. It's a mystery meat sandwich for them. I love it. They continue to mock, as the web unravels for those who pay attention. That brings us to the Deep State. Yes, the Deep State. That thing people like me were laughed at for. The Cloward-Piven dream. The Cass Sunstein dream. The dream from Obama's father, his grandparents, his Marxist professors he bragged about. The surveillance state.


    What we have here is an attempt at a coup. Donald Trump - the dark horse in the race, who crossed the finish line. And the establishment on both sides, are in a tizzy. Now the leakers. Those who are terrified that We The People might find out even a little more about their dirty dealings. Shhh, Trump might Tweet it.

    It is a fact that we were right to be concerned about the growing government. That big bloated pig that the liberals cheered for. It's a done deal now. So deeply embedded that it will take an informed populace to rid us of it. Or maybe an angry populace.

    Congratulations, Proggies. You want to know why we have a President Trump? Look in the mirror, baby. I told you that your team would lie and cheat and push us too far. And by "your team" I include your brothers Mitch and John.

    Bottom line is that we were right. Team Progressive did not, and does not, know how to stop breaking rules. They're drunk on power and will not give up, even to the point of rooting for chaos and a failed presidency. The NORKS could hit our homeland and the Left will cheer and snarl and point to Donald Trump as the cause. Never mind Bill Clinton's role. No. Really. Never mind that. He just wanted to power up Kim Jong Un's eventual blower. Redistribution, and all. There's a Bob Dylan song somewhere in there. "Everybody must get blown .."

    What? Did I say something wrong?
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