• The Rhetoric of the Left

    It's getting uglier out there. Leftists are now making no attempt to hide their seething hatred for all things non-Lefty. Not that this is new. The Violent Liberals thread here on TAR has plenty of examples from years ago. Even with some of the linkage being broken, I can probably remember most of it.

    I've been visiting a few more political pages here and there around social media. Much of it very low level mud slinging. But it is an excellent example of what's out there. I'd never see such filth were it not for the net, because there is zero chance that I'd hang around with such people in real life face to face conversations. It does make me wonder if they really mean what they write, or if they are just your standard cowardly keyboard warriors.

    Hey, how great is it that the leadership on the Left is out calling for civility these days? Oh that's right. They aren't. Something tells me they secretly celebrate the near assassination of a Congressman. Stay tuned, because a light will shine on that one at some point. You can bet on it.

    I have tried to explain to more than a few Lefties that it is their team that brought on the phenomenon known as Donald Trump. But they are having none of it. It's us "teabillies" who did it! Difficult to explain sequence to a rubber ball, I suppose. But we discussed it right here on The American Right. Back in Mary's Cloward-Piven thread. I suggested that the Left would over-step and really tick off the American patriots. And they surely did. Patriots acted via the vote. In return, the Progressive Fundamentalists of the Left are responding with violence, hatred, religious bigotry, and divisiveness.

    I am not surprised. Like I say, it was predicted. Post # 19 in the late great Scarymary's thread.

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    *video cross-posted in the original Violent Liberals thread.
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