• The Mattis Touch

    America is back! And so am I, here on the dinosaur known as The American Right.

    What a ride we've had. Survived the eight years of the Obama presidency, and all of the misery and embarrassment that went along with that. Beginning with his Apology Tour and every foolish thing that came after that. A lot of us just wanted to close our eyes and wait till it was over. But some stayed and now we've got the TARchives of what happened. How we were thinking and processing what had happened to our nation. It seemed impossible to recover from. But this is America, and it's morning again in our great nation.

    Still a lot of negatives. But I'm very pleased with what we are seeing so far with the Trump presidency. I won't run from the fact that I was not a supporter. But it's okay to admit when you are wrong. Mouth - meet shoe.

    We have a Supreme Court Justice that we were promised, and we have James Mattis. The Saudi's even rolled out the red carpet for a welcome worthy of a respected opponent. They don't respect weak kneed sissies. They DO respect a guy who can act as the biggest asshole in the room. And Melania. What can I even say about her? Lovely and gracious. We won't see her visiting the Grand Canyon in an outfit that one might clean their garage in.

    But back to General Mattis. President Trump could not have picked a better man for the job. This will be his thread. Let's see how the Mattis Touch works when it comes to the WoT.

    Come on back, TARlings! Let's have a little show of love for our fossil of a site. Like all good treasures, it's been worth preserving.
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