• Bauble and Burlap

    Diamond and Silk are truly a laugh riot. You can't not enjoy their enthusiasm. I don't think anyone had more fun during this election cycle, than those two ladies. And they remained classy, throughout. No bathing in fruit loops for them!

    I have come across a liberal version of those two ladies. And by liberal version, I mean the polar opposite of the fine ladies. Let's just call them : Bauble and Burlap.

    Bauble and Burlap don't have a YouTube channel. They are not positive and fun like Diamond and Silk. You see, Bauble and Burlap are just plain mad (and in more ways than one). Think - version of the recent Nasty Woman rant. Stuff that we would have never in a million years have allowed on this forum. But then, we who committed to this place, were always capable of doing better. But, I digress.

    Bauble could be shown some information about the proper function of government. Loads of information and quotes from our Founders. Bauble would dismisse it as being beneath her. And besides, it came in linked to a "blog". Of course it was not even from a blog. It was from a forum. But I'll go easy on Bauble over that. Do you know the reason why we have the big bloated government that we have? It's because the Constitution allows for it. No joke. Bauble says so. LOL! There has been more fundamental transformation going on in people's heads, than some of us thought.

    Burlap is a whole different story. She'd have been rolled out, topped with clippings, and hauled away long ago, and with a straight jacket around the bundle, to boot. That Hollyweird woman must have also been studying Burlap. In fact I think the speech was written for her.

    This is the most bizarre election I have ever seen. The fury of the liberals who had their Hillary and Bernie prayer rugs ripped out from under them, is something to behold. They are melting down, like Chernobyl. Donald Trump - the dark horse, who everyone (myself included) said could not pull this off, has done so in a spectacular way. Stole the Left's Tiddly Winks, and shot them each in the eye with their own plastic baubles. Keep going, President Trump!

    If it is true that laughter keeps you young, I am going to be about twenty-six, by the time President Trump finishes his term - or maybe two terms. Glorious. Simply glorious.
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