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    Liberals have yet to catch on. They continue to present fake news, thinking that we will believe it. They refuse to believe that their game is over. They count on short memories, and not the minds of those of us who remember, and preserve.

    Tonight I was enjoying a little time on social media. A liberal was posting a photo of a young boy with his arms brutally cuffed behind him. I mean - a sickening picture. It was used to try and highlight some perceived brutality at our nations airports, as President Trump's EO to further screen people entering our country from foreign lands under scrutiny, is implemented.

    Just one problem. The picture is not of a child immigrant in an airport.

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    A Kentucky sheriff’s deputy is facing charges in a federal lawsuit for handcuffing two young children with disabilities after the students were sent to the principal’s office for misbehaving.
    In a video featuring one of the children, Kenton County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Sumner pulls the arms of an 8-year-old boy behind his back and places handcuffs above his elbows

    I knew I'd seen that picture before. How pathetic to use it to try and further the narrative that President Trump would promote such a horrible thing. This thread will continue. I have been saving a lot of material to show the fake news that the Left is trying to present to us as truth.

    And to the person who posted that picture of the child, knowing that it was not of a refugee - screw you.

    The thread will continue here: http://www.theamericanright.com/foru...5189-Fake-News
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