• Limp-Wristed and Limp-Bodied

    Welcome to America in 2016. We are close to being finally rid of a limp-wristed president, and many are now cheering for the limp-bodied candidate known as Hillary Clinton. Talk about optics.

    Sure, Donald Trump is distasteful in many ways. Can anyone tell me how many American citizens he got killed during his tenure in office? Oh, that's right. He's never been in office. But he's still just a guy who can be out there saying words - just words. Has he stood and lied over the flag draped coffins of dead American's about the cause of their murders? Look, if you've got that footage, I'd like to see it. No. really. Show me that sort of evil coming from Trump.

    Now, just a couple of days before the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. it looks like constitutionalist Ted Cruz may reluctantly endorse the Republican nominee in an attempt to keep the Socialist known as Hillary Rodham Clinton at bay. And for that, Sen. Cruz is excoriated.

    All throughout American history, tough choices had to be made. Good men having to choose. And it was often painful. I know that it is painful for Senator Cruz to make this choice. And I also know that he has been and will be sh*t on for it. The man who held his ground for so long, will now be labeled "limp-wristed" even though to this day he fights on in the Senate. But hey, the media says he's ...
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