• 9/11. Fifteen Years Later

    I don't even know what I want to say about this anniversary. Except that it's now 15 years and that the shock and horror never went away. There are now American's who were either too young or perhaps not born yet, who have no idea what that day was like. The f*cking shock of it all. Normally calm and logical people like me who stood in front of the TV screaming out in horror. Calling everyone you could think of to tell them that you loved them. Falling to your knees in prayer and begging for it all to just go away.

    Where is our world today? Oh God. It's even worse. Have you seen the photo of the little boy sitting in the back of an ambulance in Syria? He is broken. He's seen it all. And his spirit is broken. If you can look at him and not have your heart torn in half, then you have no heart. I keep saying that the world has gone mad. And it has. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are responsible.

    During the Bush administration we saw smiling Iraqi's with purple inked fingers. What have we now? You don't need me to tell you. Just open your eyes. The horror has morphed into a different monster. There is a woman who may become POTUS who has been caught selling out or nation and the security of every man, woman and child in this country. Straight. Gay. White. Black. Hispanic. Old. Young. Christian. Jew. Muslim. Secular. Citizen. Undocumented. Gun owner. Gun paranoid. Educated. Non educated. Rich. Poor. Middle class. Democrat. Republican. Independent. Fat. Thin. Money maker. Money drain. Hillary Clinton has put every single person in this country in danger with her Pay To Play scheme. Yes, danger. That is the correct word.

    Think about it.
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