• Obama Trashes America - Again.


    The guy simply cannot resist. The man who should be the number one ambassador representing the goodness of America and her people. simply cannot resist the urge to trash us. We're fat. We're stupid. Now we're lazy. Well perhaps a lot of his supporters were too lazy to research who and what he is. Okay, nor 'perhaps', they were too lazy. Three words: Hope And Change were all they needed to know.

    The rest of us were not exactly lazy. This one tiny little forum was on fire with members researching and posting their finds. And most were correct. Look at what Scarymary used to do here. The lady was a research machine. Lazy? That's laughable. And hey, she was a southerner. Obama would have loved to stereotype her. But she'd have run circles around him, roped him like a calf and declared victory with him under the heel of her boot.

    I'd take offense over Obama's statement, but perhaps he just cannot help himself. His hatred for America cannot be concealed, as it would take the work of man who enjoys work, more than he enjoys his golf games as our nation continues to slip into decline.

    Mary ... where ever you are, please watch over us. We're still fighting for this country that you and I and so many others truly love.
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