• How To Get A Girl

    Remember back when Dan Aykroyd would call Jane Curtin an "ignorant slut" every week? The audience would wait for the moment and laughter would ensue. But it was a comedy show and that's what was supposed to happen. Success! And as far as I know, Aykroyd didn't dish that out and then ask Curtin to go out on a date with him as part of the act. I could be wrong. But that's my memory.

    Fast forward to 2016. What if a guy wanted to get a girl and as part of his courting he actually did dish out numerous insults prior to asking her out for a date? Would she accept? Should she accept? What if Dan wants Jane to go out with him, but Dan openly makes fun of Jane's attire? Belittles her. He's from the big city and, well - she's a country girl trying to become a city girl. Dan reminds her of such. You know - her station in life. She's just an ignorant slut.

    Then the day comes when good ole Dan decides he wants Jane to accept a date. He rolls up in front of her house and gets out and rings the bell. Jane comes out to talk to him to find out what he wants. He arrogantly opens the car door and growls out the words "Now, get in."


    Being a political site devoted to conservatism, some (and I say that tongue in cheek, because there's practically nobody here anymore) may think I am referring to Donald Trump's past remarks and insults towards others. But I am not. I moved past that and have said so a number of times. The issue now is that Trump's supporters would be wise to dial back the insults towards those who have tried to do the hard work to bring themselves to vote for a man who they just flat out do not like. They are not ignorant. Not even close. Or in Donald speak - not even close, close-close, not even - let's make America great again - China. We are not stupid. We are not a bunch of rubes or bumpkins or whatever else you wish to call us prior to your demanding that we accept your request for our company.

    Alienating people who aren't enthusiastic about Trump, but who were willing to hold their nose and vote for him is not the way you get a girl. It just isn't. If he loses because of how his supporters are turning off others due to their own poor behavior, then it's on them. And just for the record, I am not a NeverTrump'er. I promote no such thing. I am just one person in a bluest of blue states who is observing what is happening with some conservatives in the swing states. So I am asking politely for Trump's supporters to cease with the divisive name calling and insults towards those of us who have tried to do the hard work. It is a fair request. It's how you get a girl - or not. Your choice.

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