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    TheAmericanRight.com was started as IHateLiberals.com in late February of 2004. I typed the name in a web browser and was surprised to see there was not a site at all. When I found the name was available, I snatched it up, threw together a web page and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Initially I thought the name might be a bit strong. I do have a few liberal friends, albeit very few, and I don't hate them. What I really hate is liberalism, as a truly believe it would destroy America. But IHateLiberalism.com just doesn't sound as good. So to quote Shakespeare, "What's in a name?"

    This is not a "hate" site. I got tired of the reference to a hate site so I decided to change the name to TheAmericanRight.com. Typing IHateLiberals.com into your browser however, will still get you here. This is intended to be a forum where people can exchange views and have discussions. The name of the site may have changed but the message has not. So, do I really hate liberals? Sometimes, sure. But in many ways I feel sorry them. I'm sorry they have been misguided and have not yet seen the light. Most will come around someday and for those that haven't yet, well - we are here for them.

    This is my first web site and I am not a web developer. What I am, is one of thousands, perhaps millions of people that gets very tired of listening to the liberal television, newspaper, magazine, college professors et. al - that constantly attack any conservative President of the United States and America in general, while remaining silent and complicit when a criminal president like Obama open breaks and ignores existing laws.

    I am not a big organization with a staff of writers and researchers. I am one guy, hoping I can make even a small dent in liberalism. I try to keep the site as current as possible, as much as time permits.

    So have a look around, send in some feedback if you care to, and please add your thoughts to the forums.

    Thanks for stopping by.